Monday, September 13, 2010

Native American Style Feather Fans

Custom Made by SilentFeathers....

These are just a few photo's of some of the Feather Fans available at SilentFeathers Trading Post

The Feather Fans I make and offer to others are made with the best intentions, positive energy, and through spirit. Many I try to leave as plain as possible in order to allow the new owners/keepers of them to add some of their own personal decorations and/or items to them so that you can further personalize them to your own taste or medicine. I try to use all real feathers that I find or get from others in all my fans, along with glass beads (not plastic) and I am very selective of the wood I use for the handles, as all wood species carry their own medicine too.

For more information and details about the Feather Fans, please click the link below:

Feather Fan Pages at SilentFeathers Trading Post


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