Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Native American Style Flutes

Handcrafted by SilentFeathers....

These are just a few of the Flutes for sale at the Trading Post. These 4 are made of Eastern Red Cedar and are in the Key of #G.

I make all my flutes with a lot of tender loving care and a lot of heart and spirit goes into each one. This is an excellent flute for beginners or great addition for intermediate or skilled players too! Get one today and start playing now or add this one to your collection! They also make great gifts!

This 6-hole flute is approx. 21 3/4 inch long, with a 7/8 of an inch bore.

Mouth to top finger hole is 11 1/4 inch. Mouth to #6 finger hole is 17 1/2 inches. The finger spread between holes is approx 1 1/4 to 1 3/8 inches apart.

The flute blocks are also made out of Eastern Red Cedar and the flute is finished in a high gloss lacquer and sealed on the inside with tung oil. This flute is made to last a lifetime and then some with proper care.

I woodburn/decorate some of these flutes. The lace is leather with glass crow beads and miscellaneous feathers.

The flute comes with a basic finger chart, 1 simple song sheet, and an instruction sheet about how to care for your flute. A small simple table flute rest is included with the flute also.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your flute, contact me immediately (within 10 days of receiving your flute) to make arrangements for a complete refund. Shipping costs will not be included in the refund amount.

The Native American Flute

The Native American flute has a rich history, dating back at least 2,500 years, as documented through oral tradition and pictographs on rock canyons and pueblos, including the well-known figure of Kokopelli, wielding his ever-present flute along his journey. It is believed the first flutes were made out of bamboo, since tribes set up their communities close to water sources where bamboo was readily available. These instruments were simple, with three finger holes and a slot for air delivery. As time went on, it was discovered that a hand could be freed up by covering the slot with hide. Thus, simple bamboo flutes evolved into more sophisticated instruments. In addition, tribes without bamboo became interested in the instrument and began to construct flutes from soft wood and later, hard wood. Ultimately, the flute was used for many different purposes in different tribes including courtship, meditation, signaling and in tribal ceremonies.

Of all the various uses tribes had for the flute, the best known is the one used by the Sioux Indians, whereby the Native American flute earned its nickname: the "love flute". According to tradition, a young brave would travel to the woods to create a flute capable of inviting Spirit to imbue the instrument with the ability to act as a messenger of his love to the object of his affection. Once the brave played the music of his heart through the love flute and his beloved was won over, the flute was retired, its purpose having been served.

Many tribes lost the art of the Native American flute during the years of government-sanctioned repression of Native American culture. Fortunately, interest in this beautiful and haunting instrument was rekindled in the 1970s, as more artists began making and playing flutes. Although women were traditionally not allowed to play the Native American flute -- since it was felt that their high-pitched voices were sufficient without instrumentation -- this tradition has changed over the years and many accomplished female Native American flute players exist today.

The beauty of the Native American "Love Flute" is not only the rich, haunting melody it produces, but also the fact that no musical ability is necessary in order to play it. In fact, the flute seems to respond best when used as initially intended, to play music "from the heart" freeing one from the constraints of the conscious mind.

I wish to thank my Native American brothers for creating this spiritual instrument. I also thank my Native American brothers and sisters for continuing this tradition and sharing their spiritual stories through the voice of these powerful instruments.

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The Flute Pages at SilentFeathers Trading Post


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Native American Style Custom Made Pipes & Stems, Pipestone Pipe

Handcrafted by SilentFeathers....

A large collection of custom made pipes are available at SilentFeathers Trading Post. Personal custom pipes and stems are also made to order. Above are just a few photo's of some of the pipes that are available.

We have all wood pipes and several pipestone pipes available.

For more information and details about the pipes, go to the Pipe Pages at SilentFeathers Trading Post, click the link below:

The Pipe Pages at SilentFeathers Trading Post


Monday, September 13, 2010

Native American Style Feather Fans

Custom Made by SilentFeathers....

These are just a few photo's of some of the Feather Fans available at SilentFeathers Trading Post

The Feather Fans I make and offer to others are made with the best intentions, positive energy, and through spirit. Many I try to leave as plain as possible in order to allow the new owners/keepers of them to add some of their own personal decorations and/or items to them so that you can further personalize them to your own taste or medicine. I try to use all real feathers that I find or get from others in all my fans, along with glass beads (not plastic) and I am very selective of the wood I use for the handles, as all wood species carry their own medicine too.

For more information and details about the Feather Fans, please click the link below:

Feather Fan Pages at SilentFeathers Trading Post


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sage, Sweetgrass, and other Fresh Herbs

We carry a large selection of fresh herbs such as sage, sweetgrass, sacred tobacco, black cohosh, osha root, seneca snakeroot, mullien, marshmallow root, and many more. Compare our very competitive prices!
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crystals, Gemstones, and Medicine Stones

We have a HUGE collection of Crystals & Gemstones available! Only the highest quality of Crystals and Medicine Stones are listed for sale at the Trading Post.I eprsonally hand select all Crystals and Stones and offer the best to my customers only. Compare our VERY competitive prices!

For more information and details about all the Crystals and Stones available, please click the link below:

Go to the Crystal & Medicine Stone Pages at SilentFeathers Trading Post

The "Stone" or "Rock People" are one of our oldest relatives here on Earth and they have many mystical, healing, and psychic powers and/or energies. They are our Grandfathers and Grandmothers and carry ancient knowledge and wisdom that will benefit us. Many have been here for billions of years and you can just only imagine what they must truely know and what they have learned throughout that vast expanse of time. Crystals and Gemstones all have their own unique personalities and characteristics and help us in many different ways, thats why many Native American peoples call them "Medicine Stones". They are here to help us heal ourselves and others and to enrich our lives; to be our friends along the pathways of our lives. All the "Rock People" I have here in the store are very carefully selected and are the most powerful and unique stones I can find! Get some today for your medicine bundle, to toss in your pocket or under your pillow at night, or just to sit on a shelf in your home to keep you company.